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How to get rid of Raspberry PI SSH warning: Setting locale failed

As I am using Mac OS, I get error messages when using the build-in shell of OSx (perl: warning: Setting locale failed). In order to get rid of these messages I amended .bashrc

sudo nano .bashrc

and included the following command:

export LC_ALL=C

ctrl-x, Y and enter to save

sudo reboot

That’s it!

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 16.09.50


Connect to the Raspberry Pi via SSH / Putty

I find that I prefer working on my Raspberry Pi via SSH. This is how it is done.

1) Make sure that SSH is enabled on your Raspberry Pi

2) Find out the IP address of your Raspberry. I usually scan my network with Fing to find the Raspberry. In case you have access to the console you can also type the following command:

sudo ifconfig

it will show the network adapters and the assigned ip-address.


3) Download & Install Putty. It is not really an Install as you can run the putty.exe directly.

4) The Putty window opens


Enter the Raspberry Pi IP address, select SSH as connection type and under the menu item “Window” –> “Translation” select UTF-8


Click “Open” and you’re ready to log on.

Standard user = pi

Standard password = raspberry