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The Pi Cam

Last weekend my Pi Cam arrived, on sunday I started some experiments, took some pictures and shot some video, but somehow I managed to screw up the installation after installing netcat and mplayer to bring up a Iive video stream from the Raspberry PI to my PC.

I’ll need to do some more experimenting before I can post a new image that provides streaming video from the raspberry to a windows pc.

Also I’ve started a Pyton programming course at codecademy.com. I want to combine an Arduino with my Raspberry to add some functions, like temperature reading. Communications should go via I2C. The whole setup should take a timelapse pictures of our garden, measure the water temperature, operate the water pump, stream music and switching the lights on and off, and I can probaly think of some more really not necessary things šŸ˜‰

Fortunately Dropbox has enabled access to my public dropbox again šŸ™‚

Happy downloading!


Bad news from Dropbox


Just received a message from dropbox. They have shutdown my public Dropbox due to excessive traffic šŸ˜¦

However, I’m really glad that you like the SD card images for your Raspberry Pi šŸ™‚

I’m afraid that the excessive traffic might be persistent after the ban gets lifted. The plug and play SD card images that turn your Raspberry Pi into an Airprint Server, AirPi, Thin Client, Quake 3 game console, etc seem to be quite popular among the Raspberry Pi users. Maybe you can help me host the images at new locations. Just post the links to alternative download locations in the comments.