The Pi Cam

Last weekend my Pi Cam arrived, on sunday I started some experiments, took some pictures and shot some video, but somehow I managed to screw up the installation after installing netcat and mplayer to bring up a Iive video stream from the Raspberry PI to my PC.

I’ll need to do some more experimenting before I can post a new image that provides streaming video from the raspberry to a windows pc.

Also I’ve started a Pyton programming course at I want to combine an Arduino with my Raspberry to add some functions, like temperature reading. Communications should go via I2C. The whole setup should take a timelapse pictures of our garden, measure the water temperature, operate the water pump, stream music and switching the lights on and off, and I can probaly think of some more really not necessary things šŸ˜‰

Fortunately Dropbox has enabled access to my public dropbox again šŸ™‚

Happy downloading!


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