NEW Airpi images for 2GB SD Cards

I’ve just published new images for the AirPi with iOS6 support, that fit on a 2GB SD card.
For everyone that wants to save the time, you can download the image directly from my public dropbox.
Both images are based on Rasbian Wheezy and configured withthe following default settings:
– SSH enabled
– User = pi
– Password = raspberry
– locale = en_US.UTF8
– timezone = Europe.Berlin
– broadcast name = AirPi
The file names are:
20130416 Wheezy AirPi with WLAN (works via onboard 3.5mm sound jack)
20130416 Wheezy AirPi with WLAN and USB sound
Write the image to a 2GB SD card using Win32DiskImager.
In case that you prefer to use the USB sound it might be wise to use a USB extension cable for the wifi dongle, in order to place it at a distance from the USB sound dongle. In my setup I experienced quite some interference when the WLAN dongle was close the USB Sound dongle.
How to set the WLAN
Both images work with both LAN or WLAN
connect to the Raspeberry Pi via SSH or connect keyboard & monitor directly to the Raspberry Pi
WLAN configuration can be set using the following command:
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
look for the lines with
wpa-ssid “YOUR SSID”
and replace YOUR SSID with the SSID of your network and replace YOUR PASSWORD with the password of your network.
ctrl-x and Y to save changes
sudo reboot
If there is no WLAN connection the Raspberry Pi will use the LAN connection if available.
How to set the broadcast name of the Airpi
The broadcast name of the Raspberry AirPi can easily by changed, at the command prompt type:
sudo nano /etc/init.d/shairport 
look for the following line
and change AirPi in what ever you like.
ctrl-x and Y to save changes
sudo reboot
I have tested the setup with the Edimax EW-7811Un, the Logilink UA0053 USB soundcard and a generic C-Media USB soundcardUSB Sound

12 thoughts on “NEW Airpi images for 2GB SD Cards

  1. Scott

    Does the PI act like a wireless access point, meaning to do I have to use this with a router or do I just give it a new SSID and Password and use that to connect the iPhone to it?

    1. racer993 Post author

      Hi Scott,

      sorry for the late reply, I was away on a holiday. The PI acts like a wireless client. If you don’t have a network cable near your sound system you can connect the PI via the wlan (providing the SSID and Key). However, performance via lan is better than via wlan. I sometimes experience some jittering when I use it via wlan in the garden.


  2. Frans

    I tried serveral times to boot my raspberry pi with your AirPi image. I used the winbootloader to put this image on my 8gb sdhc-card, but nothing happened. :-(. It is strange because the original debian wheezy image works fine in this way. Do you have any clou to solve this?

    1. racer993 Post author


      I’m not sure. It could be many things I suppose but I’m sure the image works. You could also consider installing XBMC which provides good support for Airplay as well.


      Ben je Nederlands?

      1. Frans

        Ha Rolf ik ben inderdaad Nederlands ;-).

        Zit in de image van XMBC de airplay-modus ook ingebakken dan? of moet je die dan alsnog zelf instellen?

      2. racer993 Post author

        Hi Frans,

        De ondersteuning zit ingebakken, incl. video ondersteuning en werkt zeer goed.

        Je hoeft het alleen maar aan te zetten in één van de menu’s van XBMC.

        Gr. Racer993

    1. racer993 Post author


      Actually it is setup quite similar. If you access the command prompt you can adjust the volume by typing alsamixer at the prompt.


  3. Jason

    I love the idea do this print server.
    I am looking for a way to control who AirPrints to my printer at work.
    Is there a way to only allow certain devices to print, by say, using a MAC address?

    Thanks for your hard work.

  4. i-Moi

    Hi, great thanks for sharing this image with us. I only have 4 or 8 Gb SD cards though. Can I still use your image ? thanks a lot !

  5. Pingback: Airplay im Auto nachrüsten mit dem Raspberry Pi | Andreas W. Ditze

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