Download your AirPi SD Card image here

*** update – the files have been updated and fit on a 2GB SD cards now ***

The new files can be found in my public Dropbox in the \Images\Airpi directory.

I’ve just published a second image for the AirPi. Last month I published an image to get your AirPi working on your Raspberry Pi with a Logilink UA0053 USB soundcard. Now I’ve added on request an image that works with the onboard 3,5mm. For everyone that wants to save the time, you can download the image for a 4GB SD card directly from my public dropbox.Both images are based on Rasbian Wheezy and configured with:
– SSH enabled
– User = pi
– Password = raspberry
– locale = en_US.UTF8
– timezone = Europe.BerlinIt has auto login for user pi enabled
It’s broadcast name is AirPi
Pick the image of your choice. The 2013-03-19-wheezy-airpi image uses the onboard audio jack. The 2013-02-19-wheezy-airpi-UA0053 image is configured to use the USB audio Logilink UA0053 soundcard
Write the image to an 4GB SD card with Win32DiskImager.Plug it into the raspberry and hook the raspberry up to your network (and Logilink UA0053 soundcard) and soundsystem. It’ll work like a charm on iOS 6.Enjoy!The files can be found in my public Dropbox.

The broadcast name of the Raspberry AirPi can easily by changed, at the command prompt type:nano /etc/init.d/shairportlook for the following lineDAEMON_ARGS=”-w $PIDFILE -a AirPi”and change AirPi in what ever you like.

ctrl-x and Y to save changes

sudo reboot


How to change the WLAN settings
WLAN configuration can be set using the following command:
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
look for the lines with
wpa-ssid “YOUR SSID”
and replace YOUR SSID with the SSID of your network and replace YOUR PASSWORD with the password of your network.
ctrl-x and Y to save changes
sudo reboot
If there is no WLAN connection the Raspberry Pi will use the LAN connection if available.

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